No matter where your brand is at these early stages of 2020, there is always room for more leads & more profit. These lead management tips and tricks are sure to help you get there and if not get in touch with us and we can do it all for you!  We have learned a few things about lead management over the years, one of them being that you have to stay ahead of the curve! We work in a fast-paced industry and the best way to stay relevant is by paying attention to new trends and tricks.

When it comes to managing leads, LeadByte has top-notch features that are geared to give your business the best value for money. How many new features do you have in your bag of tricks for 2020? We will be following the trends of this year in addition to those that are outlined in the article below.

Know your buyer profile 

Now, this is something most businesses know and convey before they start with a lead management system but to what extent have you evaluated your buyer profile. In 2020 where everyone is spammed with masses of information online, you need to be clearer on what your buyer profile really looks like. Are you selling B2B? B2C? Are you selling to the CEO or the marketing manager? These finer details are what can help your lead management in the long run, they help you save time and money. When your buyer profile is defined, your lead management is far more effective, and your leads are more likely to convert.

Did you know, when businesses were asked what the most important objective to lead generation strategies were, the answer was to improve lead quality. If you develop your buyer profile and implement that into your lead management system, your lead quality improves drastically!

Understand your prospects needs 

Personalisation is everything in 2020. It is more about building relationships rather than just selling. While bringing in the sales is important, the way we sell has changed. In each campaign, your business prospects will reveal more and more information to you about who they are and what they need. Each interaction you have should help you form a better understanding of their decision-making process as well as show you how to better personalise and structure your lead nurturing.

Did you know that “80% of customers” said that they were more likely to buy a service or product from a company that used personalised experiences? LeadByte has a wide variety of ways that you can personalise your lead generation strategies within our lead management software, click here to see what features we have on offer. 

Keep testing your strategies

The performance marketing industry is very fast-paced and what works one day, one week or one year may not always work. This means that you have to keep reviewing your lead scoring criteria, A/B test and keep re-evaluating your assumptions about the sales process. That way you can see what is still working, what is not and stay ahead of the curve for any changes that may take place. 

Social media 

We don’t have to tell you that social media is happening, not just in 2020 it has been on the scene for businesses for quite some time now! Therefore, there is no reason it should not be included in your lead generation and lead management strategies. Is your business running any Facebook campaigns? LeadByte’s integration with Facebook LeadAd Forms allows you to link your forms directly into your campaigns with just a few clicks. Thus, you no longer have to manually download leads from Facebook, giving you the benefit of real-time lead transfer. This is critical if you are selling leads or using auto-responders to nurture leads. Click here to find out more. 

Be adaptable

The key to success in lead management and business, in general, is to be flexible and able to adapt to any changes that may arise. The implementation of GDPR saw a change in this industry and there will be more things that develop in years to come. Build your team up, develop their skills, strengthen your relationships with your clients, test your data and at every step of the way you are creating a business model that can withstand all the new trends that come at you in 2020 and come out even better. 

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