If you’re a brand or advertiser and looking to explore the opportunities of influencer marketing, then be sure to check out Influencer Labs — a first to market series of insights and data workshops from influencer marketing platform Influencer, aimed at educating advertisers on the channel’s best practice.

According to Influencer, the workshops will be based on campaigns running on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and of course Tik Tok, which has risen the ranks in the past 12 months.

The news of Influencer Labs follows the company’s recent hire of Preriit Souda, who held the position of Director of Data Science at Kantar. Souda and his team at Influencer have been analysing the platform’s historical data, collected from past campaigns for the likes of Alibaba and Pepsico, in order to build a data-based understanding of what makes an influencer marketing campaign succeed.

Based on deep data and insights from its proprietary technology, the company remains committed to educating brands whilst providing them with the best data and analytics in the UK market.

“As influencer marketing matures and solidifies its position as a staple in all wider marketing strategies, we believe it’s becoming more and more important that advertisers are educated on best practices in running campaigns,” said Influencer CEO and co-founder Ben Jeffries.

“This is especially important when it comes to newer social media platforms, such as TikTok, where there is still uncertainty among brands about the best ways to utilise it. Influencer’s technology, and the data that we are able to mine from it, allows us to provide advertisers with the best education possible, based on historical insights and expert understanding.” Jeffries continued.