Awin has released its annual Awin 2020 Affiliate Marketing Trends Report, reviewing the latest developments within the affiliate marketing industry featuring case studies, expert commentary, predictions and much more.

The fourth instalment of the global report, once again, brings to attention the state of the current affiliate channel and an overview of some of the key challenges and opportunities to arise in the last 12 months. Some of the most prominent trends reviewed include cross-border shopping, the adoption of 5G technology and tracking updates in a now privacy-conscious era.

Backed by success stories and testimonials from some the leading brands and agencies in the space in addition to outlining predictions for 2020 which forecast attributions, tracking solutions in light of Google’s plans to scrap third-party cookies and emerging entrepreneurialism, which has seen Awin launch its Awin Access service — in supporting startups looking to embracing affiliate marketing for the first time. 

The Awin 2020 report comes not only in marking the global company’s 20th anniversary but also highlighting the radical changes in the affiliate channel, reflecting not only on Awin’s history but also the role the business has played in shaping the global affiliate industry. PerformanceIN recently spoke to chief operating officer Adam Ross, who highlighted some of the roles Awin has put in place as it transitions into the new digital era — including aligning the firm’s acquisitions to date and new technological solutions to supporting its partners.

The report also features input from former Awin employees, reflecting on their time at the company, setting them on the path to current roles in companies including ASOS, Facebook, Axel Springer, Volkswagen and Verizon Media.

“Anniversaries allow us to take stock of the past, as well as celebrate success. We’re immensely proud of our heritage, particularly the people that have contributed over the past 20 years, both to the success of our company but also to driving the industry forward,” said Kevin Edwards, global strategy director at Awin.

“It’s human nature to focus on the challenges and with recent years proving particularly tricky for marketers, it was important for us to showcase the evolution of the affiliate channel and remind us all how far we’ve come. That being said, it’s imperative to define a compelling vision for 2020 and embark on projects to cement affiliate marketing’s credentials as a data-respectful and transparent vehicle for continued investment,” he concluded. 

The Awin 2020 Affiliate Marketing Trends 2020 Report is available to download now.