Automation solutions platform Partnerize has today (January 27) announced a range of product enhancements to support partner marketers to further drive business growth and streamline time-consuming workflows.

According to the release, the upcoming package of products includes a range of features, such as a new AI-powered fraud management suite, more powerful partner communications tools, mobile partnerships enhancements, and a browser extension deep linking tool for partners.

These innovations will empower brands and partners to manage programs more efficiently as they drive better performance.

“Empowering intelligent partnership automation drives everything we do at Partnerize,” said Matt Simmonds, Partnerize chief product and technology officer.

Partnerize automation platform

Breaking down the product package in detail, some of the key features include:

Partnerize Fraud Manager

Designed to combat the growing threat of partner marketing fraud, the Partnerize Fraud Manager applies machine learning to real-time campaign information to identify data anomalies that may indicate fraudulent transactions, saving marketers time and money. In addition to delivering alerts in the client’s choice of communications platforms, the Fraud Manager includes a new, dedicated user interface so that brands can examine suspicious events and conversions before accepting or rejecting them. Available as a Beta in February.  

Partnerize AllTrack for Mobile Partnerships 

Partnerize is rolling out additional enhancements to its industry-leading solution for mobile partnerships, AllTrack by adding support for deferred deep linking and install tracking. Deferred deep linking helps brands drive additional app installs and improves conversion rates by delivering the user to a specific item or offer in their app. With deferred deep linking, shoppers that don’t already have the app will be invited to install the app, then redirected to the specific offer that interested them. This functionality also allows partner-driven app installs as well as purchases to be tracked and credited to the correct campaign and partner. 

Partnerize QuickLink 

Partnerize QuickLink, a new browser extension, will allow partners to create item-specific tracking links for any item or offer from a brand.  The extension enables partners to quickly create tracking links and product deep links directly in the browser rather than having to visit the Parterize platform to make them, saving time and effort.  

Partnership CRM Suite Enhancements

Partnerize has enhanced its Partnership CRM tools to foster better communications and business results for brands and their partners. New automated communications capabilities are designed around brand “triggers”, to drive actions that help grow sales and profit.  For example, if a partner has not converted a sale recently, the platform can deliver an automated email reminder of the brand’s latest offers to encourage renewed partner focus and commitment.  

“These latest advances leverage a data-driven approach to bring additional automation and insight into the hands of brands and their partners. By saving time and reducing speed-to-market, we are driving both better partnership management and improved performance for all brands and all of their revenue partners,” concluded Simmonds.