A new year always brings new opportunities and this year affiliate publishers have the chance to easily bring their data tracking and analysis to the next level. Analysing and optimising campaigns will no longer be a long and problematic task and automating budget and bid adjustments will become a norm, allowing affiliates to use their time for creative tasks. The outcome of this is increased revenues, lower costs, more efficiency, higher ROAS and finally higher profits.

Why will 2020 be different than the years before? It is because the sale to traffic attribution no longer is an “impossible” task! We Can Track is here to take the pain of programming a sales attribution and integration feature away from affiliate marketers. 

By placing a small JavaScript tag on the website most of the installation work is already done. All that is left to do is connect the affiliate network accounts to the system by filling in API credentials that are easy to find. 

The outcome is indispensable: Sales integration in online marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads), Data Studio, BigQuery and more.

This finally gives affiliate publishers the means to connect all their online marketing tools together, enabling them to track any conversion, use ad platforms’ machine learning to automate campaign adjustments and create audiences to properly target the right people.

Moreover, logging into every affiliate network to check the performance and manual reporting is no longer required. All affiliate sales are registered in one sophisticated dashboard, containing all the traffic, click and sales data connected with one another.

Time for an upgrade

It is about time that the technology in the affiliate industry gets an upgrade! Due to the lack of tracking capabilities, most affiliates did not even dare to test new channels. Competition keeps increasing, search engine algorithms keep changing, commission rates keep decreasing and partnership terms are becoming stricter. This is the brutal situation affiliate publishers are facing at this point. Because of that they have to be very creative and test new traffic channels that make them less dependent on SEO in order to gain more control. And in order to do that, proper tracking needs to be in place.

Since We Can Track launched their tool only recently, they offer a two month free trial for new users that come in through their product hunt post.

We Can Track values customer satisfaction and their support is very present and quick. Missing affiliate networks are gladly added and also other feature and customisation requests are often implemented.

The time has come to give affiliate publishers the tools to automate their services.