Data from global affiliate network Awin found that influencer marketing in the affiliate sector saw a 9% increase in revenue in 2019. 

Awin’s global team analysed its top 100 influencer publishers in the UK, combining subnetworks, talent agencies, and individual influencers, for the first three quarters of this year and compared the results to the same period in 2018. Results showed an increase across all metrics for influencer marketing.  

In regards to sales, influencer publishers drove a total of 610,000 sales to advertisers to the Awin network for the first nine months of this year, representing a 5.5% increase compared to 2018, amounting to £29.7 million in revenue to advertisers. Commission paid to influencer publishers also saw an uplift of 18.9% from 2018, totaling £3.78 million. In addition, the average order value in influencer marketing was £48.47, representing a 3.4% increase. 

With influencer marketing budgets set to increase in 2020, the findings suggest, retail and shopping continue to dominate the influencer sector, accounting for 99.2% of the top 100 advertisers whilst the fashion and beauty industries invest in influencer marketing the most.

“Influencer marketing has increased massively in popularity over the past few years and has come to form a key part of marketing strategies, particularly in the fashion and beauty sectors. The practice is certainly set to continue increasing, and the rise in its use in the telecoms and health supplements sector shows that a larger number of industries are willing to explore this venture,” said Carina Toledo, influencer partnerships manager at Awin.