We all know what extensions are: additional functionality to your browser. They help us to filter our content, improve our performance, protect us from being overrun with an avalanche of ads. But is that all?

No, it is definitely not. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of extensions and what they can do for the advertisers — both e-commerce and other marketers.

Extensions, plugins, widgets

First things first, let us draw clear lines between extensions, plugins and widgets. All of them add new functions, but each does it in their own way. 

Plugins add more features to your website but must be installed on the server. Widgets are new content areas that can integrate websites with other stores.

Extensions are adding new features to your browser — and they will stay with you wherever you go on the web. Extensions only change the way the content is displayed: they cannot really add any more content than that was pre-uploaded when putting the extension on the store. All the extensions are checked carefully by the store personnel and do not collect any more data than the notification during the installation mentions.

Now that we know that, we are ready to submerge into the world of browser extensions. 

Who can use extensions

Literally anyone. There are three key types of extensions: those produced by advertisers, publishers and affiliate networks.

As an affiliate network, you strive to make publishers’ life easier by giving them access to quick affiliate link generation, available coupons and quick affiliate program launch. It might not bring direct profit to the advertiser, on the other hand, it will attract more publishers to your affiliate program as well – which is in a long term perspective a nice bonus. 

As an advertiser, you could think of having your own extension if your company provides some kind of service. This way, your loyal customers will have access to your store anywhere they go on the web. Helpful, isn’t? 

But if your company doesn’t have an extension…a publisher might as well emerge to compensate.

What can publishers do for your business?

To sum it up, they all aim to do the same: drive traffic through the advertiser’s store to boost sales. What can they offer to the customers? Lower prices. Extra cashback. Loyalty bonuses. It all revolves around the promise of discounts.

At this point, you might ask: what is the point of using publishers when the advertisers can do the same?

In fact, they can’t. Surely, the advertiser can launch a loyalty program and partner up with a few smaller stores fitting to their target audience. They can also give out bonuses and promo codes. What they don’t have is all the people that come seeking for discounts in designated places. They don’t have consumers that are accustomed to using their extension.

Since cashback and promo code websites do not focus on one brand, they are more likely to deliver customers that would otherwise go under your radar.

Cashback and promo codes

The truth is: we all know that even loyal customers are looking for promo codes when concluding their purchase. You might believe that all cashback do is waste your budget. Well, you would be wrong to assume that. 

How many carts were left behind this week? This month? This year? How many customers evaporated just one step before placing an order? They probably left for your competitors, lured by better offers. The very moment they were ready to pay, a small notification popped up: “Hey, bro! Want a discount?”

According to a few studies, cashback and vouchers increase the CR into payment. They make customers pay to you, not your market rivals. But in order to do so, the advertisers have to cooperate with the largest coupon and cashback platforms in the region.

Summing it up

Extensions are not just URL-shorteners and spell checkers. They can bring money, both when wielded by publishers and advertisers.

As a publisher, you can increase advertisers sales, improve the audience’s brand awareness and coverage across multiple media. In the end, you are subtly signalling other publishers that they’re great to work with.

As an advertiser, you can let people book tickets without registration, promote your language school by suggesting a better translation and so much more. The possibilities for your business are out there. Grasp the moment while you can! Or others will.