When it comes to leveraging the full power of native advertising, look no further than Outbrain. The native advertising platform, which was founded in 2006, has been leading the charge in providing a non-disruptive content experience for online users looking to discover something new on the open web whilst also working with brands to execute and deliver effective native campaigns with measurable results.

With peak Q4 in full swing and planning for the holiday season a top priority among retailers, Outbrain has released a new webinar How to Generate Traffic and Turn it into Sales for the Holiday Season to urge and ensure e-commerce and digital brands are thinking strategically about the holiday sales period and how native advertising as a channel can  effectively extend their reach with sales-generating results. 

“By 2025, we predict Native will reach its tipping point and be the preferred form of advertising,” – Huffington Post.

Prepare NOW for the holiday season

Watch the webinar to get your holiday season campaign to a great start. Hosted by Kelly Hayes, account manager at Outbrain, the webinar provides a full deep dive into why as an advertiser, you need a seasonal e-commerce strategy driven by native advertising. In addition, Hayes runs through three core strategies to set up your campaign followed by key points on how to optimise your landing page to generate sales and success — supported by case studies and best practices that are relevant for running your campaign.

“We published a study this week that showed that native ads shown on premium news sites are more likely to be trusted (+44%), clicked on (+21%) and lead to future purchases (+24%) than ads that appear on social media platforms. If you aren’t spending on Native, you really should be looking at it as a critical part of your marketing mix,” said Faye Liddle-Moore, Commercial Director for Northern Europe at Outbrain. 

If you’re looking drive your budget now and in Q1, this webinar is for you. Watch on-demand here.