International affiliate marketing network Webgains has announced an exclusive partnership with social-first publisher Social Chain Media. 

Social Chain Media is the most engaged social-first publisher in the world, with the ability to reach over 66 million customers across a wide portfolio of communities, covering all key social media platforms.

Social Chain Media is now available exclusively via Webgains Affiliate Network on a CPA basis.

As part of the strategic partnership, the publisher will be able to monetise authentic content created across communities such as SPORF, GameByte, and Student Problems with no compromise to user journeys. 

The approach will also ensure content remains native, whilst allowing Webgains’ clients the opportunity to work with these exclusive audiences on a CPA model.

“This partnership will allow Webgains’ clients to work with the coolest content communities across tech, lifestyle and sports, offering exposure to millions of customers. Social Chain Media is a fearless, innovative content-creation hub. Through this partnership, we intend to disrupt the industry, and offer our clients the opportunity to unlock a huge opportunity to work with these communities with no upfront cost, and on a performance basis.” Ami Spencer, group head of network development at Webgains.

“Partnering with Webgains is something that poses a completely new opportunity for Social Chain. We’re now able to take all of our influence, reach and power into a space that empowers brands to interact with consumers on their terms. It’s safe to say we’re excited about the future of this partnership.” Hannah Anderson co-founder and director of social & creative at Social Chain Media

Emma Robinson, affiliate marketing manager at Fanatics is just one of many clients utilising the new offering that’s just been launched.

“We see great long term value in a potential partnership with Social Chain as we can tap into their large, highly concentrated and engaged audience of sports fans across SPORF, The Football Republic and The Full-time Devils,” she said; “The opportunity to work with these brands on a CPA basis opens the doors for a commercially sound and transparent partnership that aligns with our sites’ KPIs.”