Performance marketing, technology and publishing business Citrus Ornge has announced the launch of a new premium publishing lead generation offering to capitalise on the growing retirement planning, finance and house and home sectors.

Known as Citrus Ornge’s UK Experts Online, the offering aims to connect consumers with the best expert advice in the market.

Figures this year for Equity Release in the UK topped £3 Billion (a 19% increase on the previous year) and retirement planning, pensions and annuities are three of the areas where premium publisher clients have a huge demand for new customers.

UK Experts Online will also partner with premium publishers to help drive incremental revenue utilizing inventory, content and landscape on their existing websites.

In addition, the Citrus Ornge team will work with premium publishers to deliver lead funnel optimisation to drive key qualification criteria for premium leads across each of the target sectors.

Added value to conversions

Value will be delivered to advertisers by reducing their reliance on using additional external telephone validation and by increasing the value of each lead and conversion rate output.

This means Equity Release leads will be delivered through a strong customer acquisition funnel with 70% of the sales process complete. As a result, premium publishers will deliver advertisers nurtured customers that are primed for a sale.

As well as content and display ads Citrus Ornge will work alongside publishers to use tech, AI and third-party data science to increase the value of audience segments for these chosen target areas. 

The first series of articles, UKeo & Citrus client Pension Works co-branded lead capture page on DC Thomson Media’s  My Weekly, will be promoted through the website and the weekly newsletter. 

Further content will follow soon on The People’s Friend and a second piece for Equity Release. This follows the exciting launch of DC Thomson Media’s new title Platinum – the biggest women’s magazine debut in over a decade, which includes a new digital and glossy monthly magazine aimed at women over 55 who ‘believe in making the most of every day’.

“We have been delivering content to the 50+ demographic for over 100 years across print, digital and events. Our audiences are highly engaged and have a keen interest in managing personal finances and planning for their future. We are excited to be working with Citrus Ornge across a number of our flagship brands to provide relevant and qualified leads for equity release and retirement planning partners,” said Bryn Piper, head of commercial innovation at DC Thomson Media.

“We are very excited to be working with such fantastic premium publishing groups. The key commercial value is our ability to provide a panel of ‘always on’ buyers across each sector. Our collaborative approach means we share knowledge and our understanding of the key market trends and buying considerations for potential customers and connect relevant advertisers with premium publishers,” commented Citrus Ornge’s CEO and founder Jason Baker.