Rakuten Marketing will be the exclusive advertising seller for the new pan-European ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service of Rakuten TV. 

Rakuten TV announced the new AVOD service on October 15, launching with an initial offer that includes Hollywood and local content. This will be expanded upon in the coming months in a combined linear and on-demand offer, including exclusive Rakuten content, TV series, documentary series, news and sports channels.

Rakuten TV is the first platform that combines transactional-based video-on-demand (TVOD) and AVOD products across Europe to meet the needs of viewers. The free, ad-supported channels will enrich the original proprisition of Rakuten TV, offering smart TV viewers the latest new releases. 

As a founding partner, global automaker Nissan has signed on to connect with and reach customers through the Rakuten TV platform. Nissan is using the platform for the launch campaign of the Nissan JUKE. 

“More technologically advanced and better connected than ever, the new Nissan JUKE supports our digital launch strategy. This new, innovative video offer perfectly matches the position of our urban crossover. It is a privileged space for an advertiser looking for innovative targeting possibilities,” commented Coralie Musy, marketing director of Nissan in France.

The Rakuten TV platform will utilise Neilsen as a data partner to target advertisements at a digital level.

“Video on demand is quickly emerging as a powerful media channel, and Rakuten TV presents a singular opportunity for our clients to reach a highly engaged pan-European audience. We strive to be the first to offer advertisers new products and audiences, and are proud to bring this groundbreaking advertising opportunity across the Continent,” said Nick Stamos, CEO of Rakuten Marketing.