Global media platform Teads has unveiled Teads for Publishers (TFP), a new initiative to empower publishers to offer industry-leading ad inventory for both video and display. 

The ad suite provides publishers with the necessary tools to scale ad inventory and generate incremental revenue while also allowing them to deliver premium, brand-safe and transparent user experiences.

With the platform reaching 1.5 billion users through 70% of the comScore top 300 publishers globally, Teads has helped publishers grow their video inventory by 700% in addition to tripling incremental revenue. TPF is an extension from its already available ad server and supply-side platform, which currently allows publishers to sell ad inventory either directly or programmatically through the private marketplace.

TFP consist of several components of Teads’ existing tools and tech that publisher will now have access to. These include:

Teads Prediction AI: Teads artificial intelligence helps maintain the most efficient use of publisher inventory and powers new publisher sales models including viewable CPM and cost-per-completed view.

Teads Studio: Publishers will have access to Teads Studio, a self-serve creative studio platform that gives both publishers and advertisers the ability to optimise advertising creatives.

Teads Audiences: The data management platform will allow advertisers to both integrate first-party data and leverage third-party data to enhance targeting and drive further revenue for direct and programmatic sales.

Teads Premium Ad Experiences: Publishers are able to offer their advertising clients industry-leading and innovative ad formats across video and display optimised for user experience, viewability, and mobile environments with full support for landscape, square, vertical, and interscroller creative types.

“The digital advertising industry landscape today is constantly changing and evolving. Publishers continue to face monetization challenges on multiple fronts, including further revenue encroachment from walled garden platforms. With the introduction of Teads for Publishers, we want to empower publishers directly with the tools needed to develop an advertiser-centric business with unique outcome-oriented ad solutions – all designed to meet the industry’s toughest challenges,” said Bertrand Quesada, co-founder and CEO of Teads.