Native advertising platform Outbrain has unveiled the launch of its integration with Google’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Display & Video 360 to give marketers greater ability to capitalise on the benefits of Outbrain’s unique native inventory at scale.

By connecting with Display & Video 360 through BidSwitch, Outbrain will give buyers a more efficient and direct route to provide consumers with premium ad experiences at scale. Since acquiring Zemanta in 2017, the native advertising platform has continued its efforts to expand its programmatic offerings so that marketers are able to enjoy full flexibility and transparency in their buying strategies across its premium inventory.

“Display & Video 360 gives our customers efficient access to buy Outbrain’s premium native inventory, further heightening our investment in both the programmatic space and innovative native solutions for marketers,” said Gilad de Vries, senior VP of strategy at Outbrain.

“Gaining access to quality native inventory remains a top priority for BidSwitch demand partners. We’re excited to be partnering closely with Outbrain to unlock new pools of premium native supply and make it available to advertisers using Google’s Display & Video 360 platform for buying on BidSwitch,” said Barry Adams, GM of BidSwitch.

Outbrain has seen significant growth across the globe over the past 12 months. The platform recently announced that its total digital reach within key markets, including the US, Spain, Germany and the UK, surpassed Facebook and other advertising platforms – accounting for 88% of the total digital population in April.