Both Darren and Tanya were recently the commercial power duo at native discovery platform Taboola. Over the past five years, they had expanded their teams four times and brought on board some of the globe’s most established brands including Google, Microsoft, HSBC and Expedia, to name a few.

In his role as commercial director, Darren will be overseeing the company’s ongoing growth trajectory and will be an integral part of the team building out of Inflecto’s DTC offering. 

“I am very excited to be joining the Inflecto team as we continue to establish ourselves as the leader in Growth Marketing for some of the world’s best and forward-thinking brands. There is a team of incredibly talented people, with a wealth of knowledge in the performance marketing space and I am looking forward to collaborating and contributing to help brands all across the globe to take their performance marketing to the next level,” said Darren.

As client strategy director at Inflecto, Tanya will be responsible for developing effective long-term strategies for Inflecto’s roster of clients, whilst ensuring these clients are on top of any changes and shifts in the market to always keep them one step ahead of the pack.

“I’m thrilled to get on board at a pivotal time for the company. With the recent surge in DTC brands working with Inflecto, I am looking forward to bringing our unique performance expertise with many of the world’s leading brands into an exciting DTC offering allowing these new era brands to fuel universal growth across the globe. With a dynamic, ambitious and capable team in place 2019 looks to be a very exciting and fruitful year,” added Tanya.

Expanding DTC offering

The DTC space has been an area of focus and growth for Inflecto over the last 24 months. Earlier this year, Inflecto chalked up their third successive Performance Marketing Award, securing the winning prize for their work with BPMe.

They also received industry-wide recognition for their work on other DTC brands including Blow Ltd and Urban (previously known as Urban Massage). These key wins were soon followed by the opening of a third office based in LA with plans to launch a fourth office in the next three to six months.
With the rise of DTC brands Inflecto’s performance first approach, along with their ’set up for success’ and ‘lifetime value optimisation’ focus, they have had much success with DTC brands looking to drive incremental customer acquisition as efficiently and effectively as possible at scale. 

“After the recent launch of our Los Angeles office this year and along with the continuous and rapid changes in the market across the US and Europe, it is more crucial than ever that we have the brightest minds within our team, bringing global learnings together to ensure that Inflecto remain at the forefront of performance marketing for our clients. Darren and Tanya are a proven recipe for success, and we are incredibly excited to have two such talented individuals join the global management team,” said Richard Harrison, CEO of Inflecto Media.