At a time of brand quality and inventory challenges where advertisers are demanding more control over viewability standards, video advertising company Teads has launched a new product in collaboration with Oracle’s Moat that puts viewability control back in the hands of advertisers.

To guarantee buyers 100% viewability, Teads will offer advertisers the ability to set their own viewability standard for their campaigns and charging them only when that custom viewability metric is met. Allowing this, advertisers can confidently measure the total exposure time of each ad impression by their own definition.

For example, an advertiser can choose to set their viewability standard for five seconds for their ad. Teads will only then auction off 100% viewable impressions at the five-second requirement set by that advertiser, while the rest of the impressions not achieving this will be offered as free media. Teads hopes the move to cost per viewable impression will function better than the viewability on total impressions metric.

“We are delighted to support this initiative with Teads, as we believe this is a transparent and open way to enable media buyers to purchase only the impressions that count,” said Mark Kopera, head of product for Moat at Oracle Data Cloud. 

“Our integration is also equipped to support the new IAB API frameworks specification which allows for any video tag to be accepted for video ad playback and measurement.” he continued.

The new integration coupled with Teads’ unique viewability pricing models (CPCV/vCPM) empowers buyers to select any custom billing point of viewability and transact on any viewability requirement, as verified by Moat. 

By leveraging Teads’ predictive AI technology, buyers can seamlessly transact on the selected billing event in order to achieve the lowest cost per viewable impression. Teads will report all KPIs at the billing event providing clients with a much clearer understanding of the performance of their campaign at that given duration. 

“Advertisers need innovative pricing models to transact on viewability. We are taking the lead on this front because it doesn’t make sense for buyers to have to pay for non-viewable impressions,” added Bertrand Quesada, CEO of Teads; “With the combination of our unique pricing models, Teads AI, and our new Moat integration, we are empowering advertisers with information on exactly what they are paying for, in a cost-effective manner.