Publisher website Alertr has officially launched in the UK market with the aim to help online shoppers get the best deal and prices for the products they want from retailers.

As it is entirely based on the affiliate model, users can set up an Alertr account and use their profile to track items they’re looking to purchase with just the original URL code from the original retailer. Once an item has dropped in price, users will be sent a notification via email. 

There are no limits as shoppers can track items on as many retailer sites as they want for as long as they want. Consumers can also set a target price, meaning they won’t receive an alert regarding a price drop until the item has reached the purchase price they are ultimately waiting for.
“It’s no secret that retailers are massively overpricing their products as they struggle to hit sales targets and profit margins, and as a result, consumers are paying extortionate prices for items. Our offering is the first money saving tool of its kind in the UK and a great way to track as many items as you want simultaneously,” said Andy Barr, co-founder of
Alertr aims to make tracking price drops across retailers and online websites more efficient for shoppers. This can be done now as opposed to waiting around for seasonal price drops on Black Friday or Boxing Day for instance. 

ASOS, John Lewis, Currys, Tesco and Missguided are just several retail brands currently being tracked on Alertr, with more brands being added on a daily basis. Alertr can track more than 250 high street and online retailers.

“Alertr is monetised via affiliate marketing tracking, meaning the company gets paid a small commission by the retailer every time a consumer goes on to buy a product they are tracking on the site. We are looking forward to helping users find the best possible prices for desired items and save some spare cash in the process,” Barr concluded.