The IAB UK is set to run it’s Affiliate Marketing Workshop on Wednesday, July 17 at its UK Events and Education Space on Macklin Street. 
The hands-on workshop will cover how to plan, optimise and measure affiliate marketing campaigns, as well as look at the current developments in the affiliate industry and how the channel is evolving.
With speakers including Optimise Media, Acceleration Partners, ROIVENUE and Awin, the Affiliate Marketing Workshop is designed to help advertisers, publishers, and agencies get the most out of affiliate campaigns. 

Acceleration Partners account manager Zeina Rizk will be giving an overview of the UK affiliate market – who the key players are and how they work together, and where affiliate marketing sits in the wider marketing mix. Elsewhere, Optimise director of client success and performance managers Leanne Hardy, Jennifer Jones and Dan Alborough will discuss the importance of understanding your client’s marketing strategy while Martin Faith, head of client services at ROIVENUE will look into the technical requirements of what constitutes a good affiliate publisher with the goal to separate high-value publishers from publishers cannibalising on other paid channels and propose changes for affiliate portfolio optimisation.

In addition, there will be a session from Christine Dissing, Secret Escapes’ senior digital and brand marketing manager, revealing how the brand has built a successful affiliate model.

Mike Reynolds, IAB UK’s head of industry initiatives, explained that the workshop is the result of collaboration among IAB performance marketing advisory group members and seeks to “boost industry understanding of how affiliate marketing is best implemented”. 

The half-day event kicks off from 9am and ends at 2pm. Check out the full agenda and register your place here.