Performance-based native advertising platform Outbrain has announced that it is the global leader in total digital reach for April, within key markets including the US, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

In the US, Outbrain accounted for 88% of the total digital population, surpassing Facebook and other advertising platforms, according to Comscore Media Metrix Key Measures rankings in April 2019. Outbrain reached 229 million unique visitors within multiple channels across Outbrain’s premium publisher network. In addition, Outbrain has highlighted growth in the past quarter, with its US audience reach increasing 6% since January 2019.

Meanwhile, across Europe, Outbrain captured 84.3% of the market in Germany as reported by AGOF, and 88% in Belgium, as estimated by Space, based on CIM Internet 2019. According to Comscore Custom Reporting in April, OUtbrain led in total digital reach of 95% in Spain and 76.8% in the UK and potential reach of 94.3% in Italy. 

“Consumers on the web are becoming disengaged with the saturated news and information feeds of the closed web and turning to the open web for a better exploration and discovery experience,” said Eytan Galai, CRO, at Outbrain. “We are the best alternative to advertisers who are actively looking to diversify their media spend outside of the closed web, better engage with audiences, and drive significant return on advertising spend.”

Since the acquisition of native advertising platform Ligatus earlier this year, Outbrain has seen significant growth across the globe.