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IPMA Q&A: Experiencias Xcaret on Winning Best Managed Affiliate Programme, LATAM

IPMA Q&A: Experiencias Xcaret on Winning Best Managed Affiliate Programme, LATAM


As part of our IPMA Takeover Week, we caught up with Michel Cervantes, customer acquisition manager at Experiencias Xcaret who won the award for Best Managed Affiliate Programme, LATAM.

Tell us about winning an International Performance Marketing Award?

Michel Cervantes: Winning an international award is a great honour, especially for showing the work we do in Mexico and the talent of my team. The sensation of seeing your brand side by side with international giants is priceless.

Where does the value lie in winning Best Managed Affiliate Programme, LATAM?

MC: After winning the award, there was an extra boost in the work that led us to raise expectations much higher, from the companies looking forward to working with us to the kind of relationship we can establish with other peers.

In your opinion, what kind of attributes stand out in succeeding in such regions including, US, APAC, LATAM, and MENA?

MC: Succeeding in Latin America, and I suppose in any region, has to do with understanding people, both your employees but especially your customers. E-commerce seems cold but it's always about people. And this is reflected in understanding the needs, impulses, behaviour, tastes, etc. and be relevant by innovating in decision making and simpler and easier processes.

Latin America is one of the regions that normally go unnoticed despite having a market of more than 600 million people and several of the largest companies in the world. Therefore, the use of international display is of vital importance to be known and expand to other regions.

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