Each year the judges often feel frustrated with entries that fail to follow the guidelines and make simple errors that affect how many marks they can give an entry. We are not necessarily talking about font size or length of the entry but significant errors such as not referring to your objectives when discussing the results of your campaign. Don’t let that be you for this year’s International Performance Marketing Awards.

Join us for our webinar June 25 at 3.30PM (GMT) as we uncover how to craft an award-winning entry and maximise your chances of a gong on October 21 at De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London.

This year, there are eight new categories alongside the old favourites, which is why we want to make sure you’re up to speed with each category and how to avoid these common mistakes when penning your entry.

We’ve added three common errors below. To uncover the others you’ll need to register for our webinar.

Clear results
Based on relevant quantitative or qualitative metrics are what the judges are looking for; don’t let them get lost in the submission. Commercial confidence is everything.

Refer back to your objectives
And include them in the first place. Ensure that you’ve included how you met or exceeded your objectives.

Client sign off
It is all in the detail so ensure you leave enough time for client sign-off and avoid those last chance fees.

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