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Why You Should be Considering SMS Marketing

Why You Should be Considering SMS Marketing


This article runs through some of the key reasons why you should consider SMS Marketing. LeadByte's SMS Marketing The Essential Guide is available to download now.

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LeadByte is a B2C Lead Management Platform unrivaled in its customer satisfaction and support. 

Whether you want to create engaging landing pages to capture leads, or even implement autoresponders to nurture your leads into sales, LeadByte offers this solution in an intelligent and easy to use system.

In addition, LeadByte can facilitate your growth with seamless scalability, real-time tracking a...

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We recently released SMS Marketing The Essential Guide to help marketers improve upon or kick start their SMS marketing strategy. The guide identifies the key benefits, facts & figures, discusses compliance requirements and shows examples of LeadByte customers success using SMS. 

Whether you’re unsure about implementing SMS, or how it can benefit you and your business, we’ve briefly outlined why SMS is worth implementing as a marketing strategy.

Are you considering SMS? You should be…

Whether you’re an experienced or aspiring digital marketer, you’re likely familiar with the mass market lead generation advertising channels such as Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Despite the astronomical success of these platforms, a channel you should also be considering due to its successful and reliable ways to engage with customers is SMS marketing. By incorporating text messages into your marketing strategy, you’re able to reach an entirely new, highly targeted and receptive audience.

Why you shouldn't pass on the opportunity to use SMS

SMS marketing presents the opportunity to engage with customers on devices that they carry with them 24/7. A key factor to SMS marketing success is the likelihood of reaching customers due to how connected we are as a society through our mobile devices. 

Creating a strategy that looks to build up a list of customers who have opted-in to your SMS marketing is crucial. It takes a mere 90 minutes for the average individual to respond to an email. However, it takes 90 seconds for them to respond to a text message. Thus, direct communication with the consumers could aid immediate contact - the quicker the communication, the quicker the purchase. 

Don’t Just take our word for it

Perhaps the most impressive statistic regarding SMS is that 27% of opt-ins have purchased goods or services as a direct result of receiving a text message. SMS is one of LeadByte most sought after features mainly for its reliability as a communication method and it’s guaranteed success. If you aren’t already incorporating SMS into your marketing or simply looking to improve upon your current strategy, SMS Marketing The Essential Guide will aid in Increase your ROI, and improve your overall strategy. 

Finally, LeadByte is running a special offer as a thank you for downloading the guide. For a limited time only, receive Double the SMS Credits with your next SMS purchase. This offer ranges up to 10,000 SMS credits and last 30 days after downloading the guide. 

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