With emerging voucher code tools continuing to shake up the affiliate space, TradeTracker’s newly released feature is the next tool in the spotlight to provide further opportunities to affiliates in the channel. 

According to the affiliate marketing platform, the Exclusive Voucher Code feature will allow advertisers to track and reward a specific affiliate of choice exclusively through voucher codes in addition to expanding their voucher code strategies to offline platforms, allowing brands to move away from CPM tariffs and towards performance-based models to better increase sales and conversions.

“This will be a great tool for advertisers at TradeTracker with an eye on the affiliate channel working with influencers, it will create a seamless trackable process for everyone involved increasing the data that can be gathered and analysed to measure performance,” said Philip Keckeis, director of international operations at TradeTracker.

In support of the launch, TradeTracker has unveiled six key reasons to kick start your voucher code campaign and begin using the feature. These include rewarding a specific affiliate you assign to the voucher code exclusively so they earn a commission when the code is redeemed; optimising and accurately tracking voucher codes accordingly and spreading the voucher code/campaign to offline to traditional media mediums such as newspapers, flyers and banners. 

By setting up a campaign and using TradeTracker’s Exclusive Voucher Code tool, you can also pay off high-profile media partners on a performance-based level as well as integration into your conversion path based on Real Attribution, allowing you to reward several touchpoints for attributed value. Lastly, the feature makes it possible for advertisers to work with content creators of their choice, offering a closed collaboration that will be rewarded accordingly, even when the code is shared through a social media platform.

“With many clients already implementing this new feature, TradeTracker will bridge the gap between the offline and online world and provides additional reach for online brands where this has not been possible historically,” concluded Keckeis.