Sweden-based affiliate network Adtraction has joined forces with Connected Path to launch an affiliate network in the UK. 

As part of the partnership, Connected Path co-founders Anjulie Blunden and Anthony Clements will lead the new Adtraction network.

Adtraction was established in Sweden in 2007 and is a market leader in Scandinavia. In the past two years, they have expanded operations into Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. With 46% growth in revenue last year, and over 900 clients the business has taken a measured and strategic approach to global expansion.
Adtraction will run an open affiliate network in the UK, with the aim of bringing a fresh, reliable and innovative approach.
The network will operate with a commitment of visibility on tracking set-up, de-duplication policies and validations. With an in-house development team, the network has collaborated with advertisers to ensure the most robust tracking setup for every affiliate programme. For publishers, it offers an efficient payment process where all commission is approved in 60 days, with a ‘click to coin’ time no higher than 100 days.
Adtraction offers a number of partner solutions, with a focus on innovation and an understanding of the need for diverse, local affiliate marketing techniques. Having launched the Adtraction Influencer Network in November 2018 it offers solutions to all types of publishing business.

“We have had great success working with knowledgeable people that are experts in affiliate marketing in their market. This approach has allowed us to bring the Adtraction service to local markets, as well as offer opportunities to clients looking to expand their footprint,” commented Simon Gustafson, CEO of Adtraction.

“The UK market is one we’ve always been interested in because of the sophistication of commerce and the highly developed affiliate market. Working with Anjulie and Anthony to launch Adtraction in the UK felt like a natural step to combine our technology with their UK expertise.
“Our advertisers, publishers and agency clients enjoy exceptional service. It’s what Adtraction is known for and delivering great service is the key motivation of everyone in the Adtraction family. Having seen the way the Connected Path team support their clients we knew that our ethos mirrored the way they work.”

Connected Path is a digital consultancy founded by Anjulie Blunden and Anthony Clements in 2017. With a background in affiliate marketing, the duo brings over a decade each of experiences, with previous roles at Awin, Button and Havas Media.

“It’s great to be returning to the affiliate industry full-time with a new UK network that will strive to deliver more reliability for publishers, new business models and a different way of thinking about the network’s role for publishers and advertisers,” commented Anthony Clements, managing partner of Connected Path.
“Adtraction brings an innovative approach in many of the areas currently challenging the UK affiliate industry, like tracking, payment models and new traffic sources. It’s exciting to welcome a new solution to the UK for publishers, advertisers and agencies to partner with.”

Managing partner Anjulie Blunden added: “We’re excited to be working with Simon and the team. Adtraction has a great culture and we share a very similar way of doing business. Their approach to affiliate marketing fits with our belief of how the industry should operate in the UK; it’s a very customer-centric operation, with experienced and motivated people operating on a stable technology platform.”

“We wish Anj & Ant the very best of luck in this brave new partnership challenge; both have been very good friends & advisors to Webgains in recent months and we will very much consider them as ‘frenemies’ rather than out and out competitors,” commented Richard Dennys, Global CEO at Webgains who welcomed the news.
The partnership will see Connected Path services and the level of bespoke consultancy continue under the Adtraction brand. Adtraction will be offering affiliate services to advertisers, agencies and publishers based in the UK.