It has never been more important for brands to deliver more information at the initial point of contact and convert them into purchases in as few steps as possible. Ensuring brands are available to the consumer when and where they need them is vital for e-commerce success, which is where instantly shoppable products come in.

Hail Monotote’s unique Instant Checkout tool, which allows publishers and brands to enable shoppable videos, ads, images, links, and buttons. Consumers will be able to interact directly with products they are discovering online without having to go to the retailer’s website, boosting customer and product engagement.

eBay takes first leap

eBay has chosen Monotote as its distributed e-commerce provider to power all purchases that take place out of the eBay platform, opening eBay Instant Checkout to all publishers and bloggers. Retailers can now start bringing in a branded shopping basket to their website.

Not only does the Instant Checkout tool turn every moment of intent into an opportunity to inform and convert, it also allows the user to stay engaged in the editorial content they’re looking at with real-time product information, pricing and availability in a retailer’s branded shopping basket on the publisher’s website, leading to engaged consumers that are likely to purchase. According to data from Monotote, prospective customers spend three times more time on the website and generate five-times more clicks on product links, resulting in increased product engagement and a conversion lift of 20-30%.

The customer journey

The seamless customer journey begins by the consumer being inspired by the content they’re viewing online. They are able to review more information via the real-time information button on the product image they’re interested in, which will open the retailer branded shopping cart on the publisher’s website, instead of being redirected to the retailer’s website. The customer then proceeds to checkout and places the order. Afterward, the consumer clicks back on the article and continues to read without having to leave the publisher’s website.

“By enabling Instant Checkout publishers will increase their conversion rate, double the session time per visitor and are providing real-time product information as well as a real service to their online visitors. By removing the friction in the purchase process, publishers will see happy and returning visitors, it’s a no brainer,” said Mike van Geldorp, founder and CEO at Montote.