Global affiliate network Admitad has released its second annual report which details how the affiliate marketing industry is operating around the globe and the kind of difficulties faced in different regions. 

Each and every country has its own peculiarities, and as the Admitad Report 2018/19 particularly highlights, affiliate marketing proves to be an efficient channel for advertisers to attract publishers with new traffic sources. 

In the Admitad Report 2018/19, the Germany-based global affiliate network has presented a comprehensive analysis of affiliate marketing markets in Europe, America, CIS countries, MENA region, and Asia (India). The report, available for downloading here, covers a wide range of topics – such as how different traffic channels work for advertisers, layouts of traffic types for different segments of goods or services, average tickets, publishers commissions and incomes. According to the network, in 2018 online customers made 125 million purchases via its affiliate campaigns, spending $3.4 billion through the channel.

Content creators influencing channel

Content platforms are also a trendy traffic channel for affiliate marketing. Data from the report suggests that more bloggers and content creators are starting to work with affiliate networks. Influencers from Instagram and Youtube attract audiences that are very target and extremely involved – and affiliate marketing gives them some great opportunities to monetise traffic. For instance, in 2018, Telegram grew as a new channel, generating sales via CPA for over $11 million worldwide. 

Admitad experts also share the vision about the trends that could change affiliate marketing in 2019 and further – including mobilisation, focusing on content and automation, centralisation, globalisation, and improvements in traffic attribution and tracking.

Mobile-first audiences a must

Mobilisation and mobile-first audience are critically important for affiliate marketing – as more and more customers choose their smartphones or tablets as primary devices to shop or browse online. Both advertisers and publishers need tools that can correctly track purchases and conversions on smartphones, mobile apps or websites – so that advertisers can evaluate ROI for its marketing campaigns, and publishers – be rewarded for attracting and encouraging a mobile audience. 

Making tracking transparent and thus great again is another issue for affiliate marketing. With the GDPR policy that came into effect in Europe Union, and Safari and Mozilla massively blocking cookies, affiliate networks need to develop new solutions and technologies, that comply with new legal standards while maintaining the efficiency of affiliate marketing business model.

The full Admitad Report, with more information on the e-commerce trends, unique statistics and analytics, is available to download here.

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