Yesterday, Microsoft announced the rebranding of as, with the business saying the move intends “to signal offerings that extend beyond search inventory and search data.”

Microsoft announced the change in a blog post, outlining how the “simple shift” would be better for business, stating that clients are already tapping into the new advertising products that “go above and beyond search.”

It is not just the name that is undergoing a change. The computing giant is going to launch more advertising products with built-in AI, more connected to data and businesses in order to provide more tools to marketers.

Bing will stay the consumer search brand for Microsoft and will become more important as intent data drives more personalisation and product innovation.

The previous tools the company has launched, such as the Microsoft Audience Network last year, which uses AI, rich audience intent and profile understanding to help marketers reach consumers in a brand-safe environment, have already driven some positive results for advertisers. Microsoft announced even more updates to this offer, including viewable impressions, image upload, and management tool updates in addition to expanding audience campaigns to the UK and Canada this summer.

Expanding their shopping offer, the new Sponsored Products (available in the US only,) enables manufacturers to boost visibility and drive more traffic for their top products in shopping campaigns. “With this new capability, our clients can achieve better alignment of marketing efforts between manufacturers and retailers,” read the blog post.

Bing is currently used by half a million advertisers and is the exclusive search advertising partner for Verizon Media.