Partnerize has announced the launch of Intelligent Partner Discovery, a new platform feature that utilises artificial intelligence to curate partner recommendations that improve revenue growth for their clients. Customers can now more easily and efficiently connect with new partners, in turn

The new tool automatically provides partner recommendations from Partnerize’s ecosystem of 350,000 partners to brands on likelihood to drive the highest growth to each brand’s partnership program. Rather than merely generating a huge uncurated list of potential partners, machine learning discerns the smartest choices for each brand and prioritizes options accordingly.

Smarter choices

Machine learning can choose the smartest choices for each brand and prioritise options accordingly. The recommendations are based on historical partnership revenue by vertical; target audience and contextual fit; propensity to drive sales for each brand and campaign, and similarities to a brand’s most successful current partners. As clients add partners, the engine will continue to surface well-suited partners for further program growth.

“As we work to identify new avenues to drive incrementality, we seek the richest possible insight into the revenue potential for new partnerships worldwide,” said  Peter Agardi, affiliate marketing manager at Emirates. “We look forward to using Partnerize Intelligent Partner Discovery to help us surface the best new partners for our program.”

The tool is a giant leap in the platform’s ability to help brands build more meaningful partnerships, and Partnerize chief product officer Matt Simmonds said the platform “continuously evaluates our ecosystem to identify a brand’s best next partners.”

Partnerize’s clients have the option of participating in Intelligent Partner Discovery or keep their networks private.