Partner management SaaS platform, Partnerize has announced the launch of its advanced mobile software development kit (SDK), which provides out-of-the-box support for native app partnerships. The mobile SDK will enable advertisers to capture in-app referrals and record sales transactions, bringing a more seamless experience between mobile and desktop activity.

With the launch of the tool kit, customers can now track their partnership referrals across all customer journeys, including web to app, app to web, and app to app, including product deep linking. In addition, advertisers will have access to app-specific device reporting, enabling easy segmentation of conversions within the Partnerize real-time reporting toolset.

As part of the mobile SDK, other features include:

  • Click storing and matching: Incoming clicks from Partnerize tracking links can easily be detected and have the click stored for use when a sale is made within the app
  • SKU-level conversion support: SKU-level data can be passed through the SDK to process a true multi-item basket checkout process
  • Real-time reporting with conversion metadata: Any item-level custom metadata that is relevant to the items in the sale can easily be attached to a conversion item and be seen in real time within the Partnerize platform
  • Product deep linking: Link directly to a product or category page in-app, with support for deferred deep linking if the target app is not installed
  • Use existing tracking links: Existing partner tracking links are fully compatible and require zero migration efforts for partners

According to Partnerize, their customers said they can expect growth in measured conversions of between 20-40% with the introduction to mobile SDK.

“For many of our customers, 2019 is the year they will truly start to exploit mobile audiences for partner marketing,” said Matt Simmonds, Partnerize chief product officer; “With our addition of this new mobile SDK, partner marketers now have one platform to track, report, and pay for their partnerships, regardless of whether they are web or mobile-driven.”