Outcome media and ad serving company Xaxis, in partnership with Sizmek, has introduced a new six-second ad format to APAC, allowing advertisers in the region to run ad campaigns across multiple premium publishers while driving more advertising reach and engagement. 

The mobile-first video product will aggregate high-impact brand safe video ads, which according to a statement, are 100% viewable and also delivers effective engagement.

Working in partnership with ad tech firm Sizmek, Xaxis’ goal was to create a new form of social advertising which will allow advertisers more versatility and edge over current options and allowing them to capitalise on the ever-evolving consumer behaviour. 

In addition to the ad format, the companies added interactive functions, such as a social sharing function to increase ad mileage and also custom emoticon reaction buttons to unlock a new levels of consumer activity and overall driving more engagement in campaign measurement.

“Long gone are the days when advertisers could simply rely on good creative and a big budget. Today, brands look to maximize reach by scaling on digital platforms, but genuine engagement remains elusive,” said Deepika Nikhilender, senior vice president of Xaxis; “Our new ad format has already proven incredibly effective in terms of high-impact brand recall, giving our clients a huge competitive advantage in this market. By adding social sharing and emotional engagement functions for the first time, we have pioneered a distinct way for outcome-driven brands to optimize and measure their campaign results.” 

“Our partnership with Xaxis to create this APAC-first Short-Form Video product reflects our commitment to building personalised experiences for consumers to connect with brands. This new product will enable brands to be more creative on a smaller screen. The custom emoticon reaction buttons we built into the ad format allow social media users to interact seamlessly with ad content, giving advertisers a more holistic way of measuring audience engagement,” added Peter Hunter, general manager, APAC at Sizmek.