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Reddit Bolsters Performance Offering with App Install for CPC Buying

Reddit Bolsters Performance Offering with App Install for CPC Buying


The publisher continues to develop its performance advertising business with new tools to attract advertisers.

Publisher Reddit continues to build its performance advertising offering with its new app install tool being introduced. According to a report, the app install launches as both a campaign objective for cost-per-click (CPC) buying and an improved conversion pixel. 

As part of the functionality, Reddit’s pixel can track eight conversion events, breaks out view-through and click-through conversions and allows for attribution windows of one, seven or 28 days. 

The developments follow the publisher’s introduction of CPC buying last month as the publisher bolsters its ad platform even further. In 2018, Reddit made some strategic hires to ramp up its ad business with Time Inc album Jen Wong as COO and just recently Twitter performance ad business co-founder. Shariq Rizvi as VP of ads products and engineering. 

Talking to Digiday, Zubair Jandali, Reddit’s VP of brand partnerships, said that the new approach to CPC ads and the improved pixel should further help the company attract more advertisers.

“Any one of these products in isolation isn’t compelling itself but taken together is what makes it especially exciting. It’s not about the piecemeal. It’s the combination of what [advertisers] look for,” said Jandali.

Responding to The Drum last month, Jandali commented that CPC ads will open up the publisher to a new “class of advertisers”.

"Reddit serves as a release valve for marketers looking for an alternative to Facebook, Google and Amazon, and we're excited about that simply because if they've found efficiency on those platforms, they'll likely find efficiency with ours, but with new users and a different environment," said Jandali.

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