Content-to-commerce monetisation platform Skimlinks has unveiled its “first-to-market” accelerated mobile pages (AMP) integration which enables publishers to monetise their commerce content, creating another revenue stream for publishers.

The solution currently extends Skimlinks’ core technology to AMP articles, enabling publishers to seamlessly monetise affiliate links to merchants in commerce content articles.

The launch of the tool comes after Skimlinks found that 59% of all impressions and 33% of revenue on its network comes from mobile content. Industry-wide, publishers can earn 25% of revenue from commerce content, demonstrating the value to publishers of an easy to implement monetisation solution for AMP articles. 

As readers and consumers become easier to reach through mobile content, the importance of a seamless experience when searching for and loading this content becomes increasingly important. For those publishers that see this trend reflected in their mobile traffic, initiatives such as AMP become vital as it helps these pages load faster, providing an improved reading experience for users.

“Our AMP solution is inspired by AMP’s own mission to improve the mobile experience: it will enable publishers to bring their quality product advice to more readers and be fairly rewarded for the role they play in inspiring purchases at retailers,” said Skimlinks CEO Sebastien Blanc; “AMP now powers over four billion web pages around the world and with this solution we’re confident we can give commerce content a place on the smartphones where more and more readers engage with editorial publishers’ content.”

The Skimlinks AMP solution is available to all publishers globally and over 30 publishers including New York Media, Gamer Network, Refinery29, Newsweek, and have installed the code.