GrowthOps is moving away from the traditional affiliate network model in favour of a partnership management service. All current campaigns will migrate from APD Performance platform to run through global platform Impact, providing a more efficient solution for publishers and advertisers.

The move has been driven by a desire to enable clients to maximise their campaigns using the best platform possible. Roger Lee, GrowthOps head of affiliate, said “the traditional affiliate network model has become outdated. We wanted to offer a solution that helps our clients collate their digital marketing activities in one place, offering a holistic view of their activities.”

With Impact, GrowthOp’s advertisers can profit from a wider pool of partners and their partners can benefit from easy access to additional advertisers they don’t work with. The company is keen to provide additional growth for their clients by creating and leveraging new relationships with partners that have traditionally sat outside the affiliate channel.

“Advertisers can set up complex dynamic commission structures based on any aspect of the sale, including the items purchased, the customer status, discount codes, and the type of device used. They also have access to deeper insights and analytics, fraud detection and prevention, and a global footprint,” commented Lee.

This will help align a client’s spend with their core objectives to potentially scale globally.

GrowthOps now offers partnership campaigns across the APAC region and is also offering a ‘service only’ solution to advertisers that have a contract directly with Impact for a SaaS solution but need help growing their campaigns in the region.

“There’s also been a very definite shift in mindset within the industry, moving from traditional affiliate marketing relationships to broadening the focus to include partnerships with publishers, other advertisers and influences,” added Lee.