The Last Chance Entry Deadline for the Performance Marketing Awards (PMA) is this Friday (February 1) with final entries being accepted until midnight GMT.

If you’ve yet to submit your entry for the PMAs or have begun putting your entry together but need one last big push to the finishing line, we’re here to help and ensure you don’t miss the final deadline.

The entry kit contains all the information you need to successfully complete your entry submission but it’s always helpful to know a few top tips to ensure you complete and submit the best entry possible.

Having previously judged entries for the International Performance Marketing Awards, here are my top tips and advice to ease your nerves and make sure you submit a winning entry. 

Check off your objectives

This is an important tip and a common error that has occurred in past entries. When highlighting your campaign in the entry, make sure that your objectives are clearly stated and that you’ve checked off how you met or exceeded them. 

Make your results clear

As part of the judging process, the jury will be looking out for key stats and measurable results from your campaign entry so it is vital that you make your results clear and visible to the human eye. Don’t let them get lost in the submission, otherwise, judges may miss out on crucial information that could determine a verdict.

Embedding a video

If part of your entry contains a video, please host it online using a service such as Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox or your own server, and include the URL in the supporting evidence box (along with the password if access is protected.)

Please read the entry guidelines

A classic one here but it’s very important to read the entry guidelines carefully, and complete the templates for your chosen categories and then convert them to PDF for submission. You might find you have a few questions and are not sure what the next steps are, so please don’t hesitate to contact the event manager Amy or Drew or Helen in the sales team with any entry questions you might have.

Entry forms

While we do allow you to use your own entry form, we do encourage that you use the bespoke entry forms provided in the PMA entry kit to ensure you don’t lose marks by missing any key sections.

Supporting evidence

Your completed entry may be accompanied by a single piece of supporting evidence if you feel it adds value to your entry. If you choose to provide supporting evidence, please bear in mind that this only restricted to one sheet of A4, which can include screenshots and infographics. More importantly, no extra marks can be gained from the supporting evidence, so ensure you have all of the key information you want to present to the judges in your main entry.

Lastly, good luck!

Once you’ve submitted your entry and made your payment, it’s time to sit back with a drink and await the shortlist due to be announced on February 27. Good luck!

Head to the official Performance Marketing Awards 2019 website to find out more about attending, booking tables and sponsorship opportunities.