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Pepperjam Releases Innovative Affiliate Lifecycle Marketing Platform

Pepperjam Releases Innovative Affiliate Lifecycle Marketing Platform


The platform, known as Ascend, will allow performance marketers to access a range of affiliate category and make vital contributions to the marketing mix.

Leading affiliate marketing and services solutions provider Pepperjam has launched a new and fully integrated affiliate marketing lifecycle technology platform, Ascend, which will allow performance marketers access to category defining discovery, recruitment, attribution, commission, fraud prevention, and payment capabilities through a single stack solution.

According to Pepperjam’s CEO Matt Gilbert, the tool is designed to overcome the key challenges within the affiliate category faced by performance marketers, giving them the necessary capabilities needed for any affiliate to make a critical contribution or decision to the marketing mix.

“With Facebook continuing to charge higher fees to access their audience, and Google and Amazon deploying similar pricing leverage, each incremental customer acquisition becomes more expensive and marketers need an alternative. The combination of performance and scale is the only way that marketers will be able to create their own operating leverage,” said Gilbert.

How it works

The single stack solution tool works in four ways that allow performance marketers to better access the affiliate category. 


Ascend automates the historically manual process of leveraging advertiser data to transparently identify and recruit high-quality publishers to your white label affiliate program. The tool’s discovery engine enables marketers to leverage supply side database to custom curate their own private affiliate networks. 


Ascend provides complete transparency and comprehensive access to client’s data. From standardised dashboards to integrated fully custom reporting, Ascend provides actionable insights that help performance marketers identify winning strategies and optimise their program’s performance. 


Payment options are critical to maximising your return marketing spend across the customer journey. Customise your commission strategy to align with your attribution model with full dynamic, fractional, first, preferred, and last click capabilities and incorporate affiliate into your overall cross-channel efforts. Combined with full publisher payment administration, Ascend delivers comprehensive payment solutions for sophisticated marketers. 


Program fraud is the single largest threat to return on advertising spend. Ascend’s compliance is an “always on” monitoring and enforcement solution designed to minimise revenue loss and protect your investment across search, social, domain, code and content. 

“The Ascend platform was built for DTC marketers like us. It automates the historical time-consuming jobs of affiliate marketing and enables us to maximise how we leverage the affiliate channel,” added Loren Simon, head of digital at Everlane. 

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Mustafa Mirreh

Mustafa Mirreh

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