Partnerize, the leading provider of partner marketing software for global brands, is on a mission to make partnerships easier for businesses across a number of industries. But its latest initiative actually turns inward to help foster a smoother journey for the most important partnerships of all: families. 

This month, Partnerize rolled out a new industry-leading parental benefits policy. Entitled “Partnerize Parents,” the program dramatically enhances paid leave provisions for new parents and provides increased flexibility for parents to meet  family obligations as they balance work and family life. 

Partnerize Parents is formulated to address some of the unique life challenges its employee parents face, and helps to ensure that prospective employees can achieve both professional and family life goals with the company. 

“We’re very proud to offer these great new benefits for employees who decide to have children,” said Mal Cowley, co-founder and CEO of Partnerize; “Being a parent poses unique challenges for employees, and this policy is designed to make it easier for people to excel in both their work lives and family lives.”

While the global Partnerize Parents offering significant increases leave and other benefits in all countries in which Partnerize operates, it is expected to be particularly appealing in the United States, where it offers benefits far greater than what is typically available.

Employees that have been with the company for at least a full year are eligible for: 

Industry-leading benefits for primary caregivers

Partnerize offers this paid leave benefit to employee new parents if they will be the primary caregiver: 

  • Six months salary at full pay
  • An additional six months salary at half pay
  • Return to the company in the same or equivalent job
  • Option for phased return to work over 6 week period

While in some parts of the world this is traditionally referred to as a maternity benefit, Partnerize will offer this to employee parents who will be primary caregivers in the first year, whatever their gender. This benefit is for new births or adoptions.

Non-primary caregiver benefits and more

Partnerize is also offering enhanced paid leave benefits to employee new parents who will be the non-primary caregiver in the form of two weeks’ leave at full pay upon birth or adoption. While in some parts of the world this is traditionally referred to as a paternity benefit, Partnerize will offer this to employee parents that will be non-primary caregivers in the first year, whatever their gender, be is a new birth or adoption.

In addition, the company has introduced both a new arrival benefit and family days through the Partnerize Parents program. In the first paycheck after a birth or adoption, employees will receive £100 (or the local currency equivalent) for initial incidental expenses like baby clothes, take-out, and all important caffeine. In addition, parents of children under 18 will also have the option to take up to five “family days” analogous to personal days for family-related obligations like ill children, school activities, and acute childcare needs. 

Partnerize expects its new policy will help in attracting top talent around the world to its organisation and  importantly  retaining the stellar talent it already has. By focusing on the health and wellbeing of its employees’ families, Partnerize is helping to improve the strength of its own corporate family for years to come. 

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