Award-winning performance marketing platform TradeTracker has launched a new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina as it continues its fast-paced global expansion. TradeTracker already provides its cutting-edge services to numerous markets around the world and has the widest coverage of all affiliate networks in Europe. The office will serve its products to advertisers and affiliate from Buenos Aires beginning on November 26.

“It is a great pleasure to be able to offer services in Argentina with the international, transparent and effective services of TradeTracker. Launching a full and transparent first-class solution for performance marketing, we expect to provide both publishers and customers with personalised attention – and generate greater profitability,” said Ted Vendramin, country manager for TradeTracker Argentina.

Vendramin expects to change the digital landscape with their real-attribution functionality to help merchants understand the user journey and reward publishers for their real contribution of each sale.  

“Argentina plays an important role in Latin America and the market is consistently developing at a rapid pace. We’ve now confirmed the need for a professional and transparent performance marketing network – and with attribution taking a more prominent role in the plans of brands, TradeTracker is an excellent partner which is now offering its services in this great country,” commented Philip Keckeis, director of international operations.