Oath has made programmatic audio ads available globally through its Oath Ad Platforms suite of marketing and advertising solutions. The new addition of programmatic audio ads means that advertisers can reach podcast and streaming audio listeners using the targeting capabilities available via the Oath Ad Platforms DSP, tapping into the exploding digital audio audience.

Digital audio is a growing opportunity for advertisers, and as a result has become the most popular activity on mobile, taking up one-third of mobile time spent, according to data from eMarketer.

With the new offering, advertisers will be able to target audiences through digital audio streaming services and supply sources, including SoundCloud, Targetspot, and others through Oath Ad Platforms’ integration with Rubicon Project. Oath said that advertisers already embracing digital audio can make ‘real-time’ targeting and bid management changes on the fly in the DSP to efficiently reach their target audience in addition to produce more personalised audio advertising, including contextual targeting.

Furthermore, advertisers can also add audio to their video and display campaigns within the DSP to get a view of insights within one platform as well as leverage Oath Ad Platforms’ AdLearn optimisation capabilities to provide an unparalleled return on ad sales across all channels.

“The accelerating value of digital audio continues as it delivers a brand safe environment to reach a highly targetable and mobile audience – permeating where screens cannot. Programmatic audio is an emerging channel that enables advertisers to integrate digital audio as part of an omnichannel strategy, paving the future path of digital advertising,” said Carolyn Hudson, director of business development, North America for Targetspot.

Oath Ad Platforms launched in September, combining assets from the BrightRoll, ONE by AOL and Yahoo Gemini brands into a single set of solutions.