The UK affiliate industry shows steady growth in new affiliates entering the market with energy to create new projects, monetise and earn commissions and turn their passion into a full-time commitment. However, for those entrepreneurs who lack technical skills then there are barriers to success due to lack of a cost-effective technology support package provided by the affiliate networks or other technology providers.

RevGlue has spotted this gap and filled in with an all in one affiliate package to help drive the future success of this segment of aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Why is technology such barrier for new affiliates?

Many entrepreneurs considering affiliate marketing struggle with different aspects of the industry that starts from having to understand the complicated and lengthy process of affiliate applications and then applying for relevant affiliate programs on the affiliate networks. Once this process is understood then the real challenge comes with technology, the only choices for those who lack technical skills being to either hire a development team in-house or outsource affiliate website design and development work to specialists.

The understanding of the data structures and the constant updates required their affiliate websites through admin panels to keep the data fresh is something affiliates struggle with before they can see regular commissions coming through their affiliate network relationships. 

These aspiring entrepreneurs are therefore put off entering the affiliate marketing industry when they realise an experienced affiliate tech partner who can manage all aspects of their technical support will cost them several thousands of pounds each and every year. 

A more cost-effective and tech-friendly service is required to overcome this barrier. 

Re-imagining how technology support should work

What this segment of marketing savvy but tech poor entrepreneurs need is an all in one package that meets three specific needs:

  1. A one-stop shop who can design, develop, host and manage all the tech side of the affiliate website – customising pre-built templates and plugins that reduce the development costs of creating a new affiliate marketing project. 
  2. A full range of different affiliate marketing niches to choose from including UK shopping directory, cashback website, discount vouchers website, daily deals discounted website, product feeds niche websites, mobile comparison website or broadband comparison website. 
  3. ‘Always on’ remote assistance to provide training and on-going tech support once the project is live to optimise the site so that entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best – driving traffic to their site that converts into sales commissions. 

Why RevGlue solved this technology support issue

RevGlue is a dedicated team of tech, support and content managers with over a decade of practical experience in the worldwide affiliate industry. Our aim is to make affiliate marketing easy for traditional affiliates and to encourage new online publishers to become successful in their initial affiliate marketing projects. 

RevGlue has profiled its registered customer base of over 1,500 users and has spotted that this segment exists of online publishers who lack the technical skills to set up their own dedicated affiliate marketing sites. To meet the needs of this segment, RevGlue has created a new ‘all in one’ affiliate package that offers a cost-effective technology support solution to first-time affiliates that significantly reduces the time taken from the beginning of their affiliate journey through to generating their first commission. 

These packages are designed to provide tech support, knowledge and training to help entrepreneurs in the UK or even from outside the UK who wish to create UK affiliate websites, mobile phone apps or browser extensions. No Brexit barriers exist for us.

How the All in One Package supports new affiliates?

Working with RevGlue, affiliates can own a complete professional looking fully populated cashback, coupon or price comparison website that is ready to market and monetise. It gets better depending on the support option chosen affiliates to get to keep up to 100% commissions.

This is attractive to entrepreneurs who want to focus all their attention on business, marketing and making money starting on day one.  To do that we will take care of all the technical support needs including setup, data feeds, hosting, customisation, education, support, customer service, maintenance and more.

One less obstacle to get in the way of affiliate success where RevGlue can get affiliates up and running with a complete money making business in less than two weeks.

To bring them all in one affiliate package to life begins with a webinar that affiliates can join here. The webinar will demonstrate and showcase the full range of sites available as part of the all in one package now available through RevGlue. 

There are three key elements included in the All in one Affiliate packages.

1. All in One Affiliate Package – Tech Support

RevGlue will design, develop, host and manage all tech side of setting up a new website. Affiliates will not be required to hire an external designer or developer, set up hosting, buy domains or even spend a penny more on anything related to tech. There is a huge choice of pre-built affiliate templates that can be customised including UK shopping directory, cashback website, discount vouchers website, daily deals discounted website, product feeds niche websites, mobile comparison website or broadband comparison website. RevGlue can get each affiliate projects live within a matter of days so that new affiliates can cash in on the upcoming Black Friday and Christmas retail commission earning peaks.

2. All in One Affiliate Package – Content Management Support

The RevGlue content management team helps affiliates obtain, clean, structure and integrate the data sets on the new website removing the need to hire expensive data managers. There is a choice to either subscribe to affiliate networks and retain 100% commissions or to save time and use the RevGlue connections to get up and running quickly on a revenue share basis. Either way, RevGlue keeps the data sets fresh with zero effort from the affiliates.

3. All in One Affiliate Package – Training and Support

During the project design, development and launch of each new project, there is the opportunity for first-time affiliates to learn about each aspect of affiliate marketing site design from our experienced project managers. Full remote training is provided over Skype calls to help affiliates understand how their sites can be optimised and promoted to start earning the commissions. The RevGlue team manages all other techs, content and long-term support within a cost-effective fixed fee that operates on either a six or twelve-month arrangement.

Want to find out more?

The all in one affiliate package has been created by RevGlue to solve the technology support challenges for first-time affiliates. But that also means that existing affiliates and even experienced affiliates could also cut down their tech and data management costs on their next UK based affiliate projects.

To find out more, subscribe with our all in one affiliate package webinar for more details and to get access to our special offer to finally get your next affiliate marketing business off the ground with a technology partner you can afford and count on.

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