With fintech becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing business sectors, global performance marketing company Optimise has announced a new partnership with fintech firm Bud – the first company to connect people, banks and fintech service providers into one network. Bud’s open banking platform is already used by some of the UK’s largest banks.

By joining together, the two companies have high hopes that they will drive open banking forward in the UK by bringing Bud’s network and innovative tech together with Optimise’s state-of-the-art universal tracking for website and app.

Meanwhile, Bud will increase its access to the biggest and best financial services brands in the UK whilst leveraging Optimise’s affiliate experience in the highly regulated banking environment.

“Open Banking creates complex technological challenges for banks” commented Tristan Hinchliffe, partnerships manager at Optimise; “but these are easily resolved by a combination of Bud’s cutting-edge platform and our state-of-the-art tracking and performance analytics, which will give a world-class experience to Bud’s customers.”

Carla Arrindell, CEO of Optimise Europe said that “our expertise in performance marketing for Financial services means we’re at the forefront of marketing open banking solutions. We’re super-excited to be working with Bud, driving innovation with an industry-first fintech partnership.”

Open banking aims to put people in control of their data and make it easier to move, manage and make more of their money, providing a secure framework for managing access to financial information. It empowers customers through the ownership of their data and increasing competition amongst service providers.