Mary Keane-Dawson, chief executive of global blockchain media agency Truth, is stepping down from the helm after a year in charge as the agency changes its product focus.

Keane-Dawson, who alongside The Marketing Group set up TRUTH last November, a global media agency which utilises blockchain smart contract to provide “100% transparency in the digital advertising landscape, will officially step down at the end of the year with the agency’s chief technology officer Oliver Southgate set to become CEO from 2019.

“More high-fidelity state”

Talking to CampaignLive, The Marketing Group’s CEO Adam Graham explained that the change was due to the company’s focus on getting the product to a “more high-fidelity state”.

“It’s a technology business, but it’s also a product business and we need to focus on the product,” he said; “We need to get it to a more completed level, or getting it from alpha to beta.” 

The TRUTH agency was launched in response to a lack of trust between advertisers, media agencies and owners when it comes to ad buying and inventory. Adding the use of blockchain technology, the agency claims that it can revolutionise the traditional buying process, allowing for “complete transparency for all involved”.

“By bringing blockchain technology into the media world we will build a cleaner media supply chain with 100% transparency. We want to put the client first and believe this is the best way to do that,” Keane-Dawson previously told PerformanceIN.