Tell us a bit more about your session at PI LIVE 2018?

I will be talking about how to create an award-winning culture within a high growth business on the Pavilion Stage at 2pm on Day 1 of the show. I’ll share the evolution of the company’s practices and my non-traditional approaches such as the Work-Life Paradigm and Mindful Transitions. 

What key takeaways do you think will drive the most debate?

That it’s important to be really honest with people early on, especially when you don’t think it’s going to work out. You also need to make it okay for people to leave your company.

How does the 360 degrees approach you use help keep a happy, stable team?

It helps our people grow with the company and ensure they can evolve into the roles that we need in the future. By helping people build their capacity overall, we see better performance at work and the employee sees better outcomes in all areas of their life.

What’s been the biggest company developments at Acceleration Partners this year?

Winning #4 on Glassdoor’s Best Workplaces and launching in Asia have been the biggest developments this year! I attribute this success to the introduction of Company Core Values and a rigorous hiring process. Once employees are hired, care is taken to nurture staff both professionally and personally, while continuously evaluating their fit as the company grows. This 360⁰ approach has led employees to proclaim “I don’t know why I’d ever leave.”

The show isn’t far away – what are you most looking forward to?  

Catching up with a lot of partners and clients – it is set to be a busy couple of days!