LeadByte’s goal has always been to empower marketing professionals with software that provides a competitive advantage at a price that is aligned with their budgets.  

As the UK’s leading Lead Management Platform for B2C marketing professionals, LeadByte facilitates for lead capture, lead validation, lead routing and lead nurturing.  Any given day, the system processes over 4 million leads for over 200 clients on a global basis, making LeadByte the platform of choice. Their client list is extensive, supporting lead generation activity for the likes of Capita, O2, Utilita, Freedom Insurance

Adapting to client needs

Over the last few months, LeadByte has been adjusting their pricing to be more suited towards how clients use the platform. We asked Anthony Burgin, founder and managing director of LeadByte to comment on why they decided to offer a free alternative.

“Every client has different needs, so it made no sense to restrict them to one of three packages. We have two packages on the website that provide for an immediate quote and one that is Pricing on Request (POA), where we create a price for a client specific to their needs and their budget. I wanted to provide a free alternative to support our growing list of clients that are registered charities, ensuring that everyone can be compliant in this industry and give budding entrepreneurs a head start. I was there once myself and it was tough, besides I am a big believer in karma”.

Evolving industry

In an industry that is now heavily regulated regarding privacy and data security, LeadByte has invested heavily into ensuring that their software is seamlessly aligned to client’s compliance requirements. The result has been an uplift in new clients after the GDPR deadline.

LeadByte’s free lead management solution means that there is no excuse to be handling personal data in a way that would be deemed non-compliant by regulators such as the ICO. Whether you are a data processor or data controller, managing personal data requires a greater level of responsibility for safeguarding consumer data; LeadByte solves that!  “A free lead management system ensures everyone in the lead management industry can be compliant. No excuses!”, Anthony Burgin continues.

With access to a number of popular features from their paid service, users will be able to enhance their lead management process without the headache of rolling contracts. Furthermore, LeadByte enables users to seamlessly scale their marketing activity as and when they grow. With no contracts or setup fees, the free lead management system gives marketers complete confidence that they’ll be able to find everything needed to effectively and intelligently drive their lead generation activity forward.

But don’t take their word for it, we have checked out their Google reviews and their clients speak volume about the level of service they provide, through leadership in this industry and quality of the product they provide.

You can meet LeadByte on stand 27 at PI LIVE this month. Drop by to say hello, grab a cupcake and see whether you can win a Google Echo by taking the LeadByte challenge.