Tell us a bit more about your session at PI LIVE 2018?

I’m going to talk about key native advertising trends and expectations for 2019. It’s easy to be confused by native advertising – it can and does mean different things to different audiences. Part of my talk will explain the differences between different types of native advertising and how marketers can – and should – benefit from them. I’ll include numerous examples, tips and advice on maximising profit for your native advertising campaign.

You will leave the session with a better understanding of current native advertising trends that are emerging from this space and why native is becoming more and more important in the coming years as brands scrutinise ad spend more than ever before.

What key takeaways do you think will drive the most debate?

What is the future of advertising? – The impact of technology on the future of the ad world, Over 70% of digital video and over 80% of digital ads are forecasted to be bought through automated channels by the end of 2018, according to eMarketer.

How is artificial intelligence (AI) impacting native advertising? – Advertisers can use AI to place relevant advertising messages that are contextually relevant to the content on page, which really gives them the ability to match audience members, content and ads – essentially creating a far more relevant ad experience for users. It ultimately helps advertisers by doing the heavy lifting; the impact this will have on the industry is continuously being discussed as AI evolves.

How safe is our marketplace? – There is an increasing effort to raise brand safety standards in our industry. ADYOULIKE were the first native platform to receive the IAB Gold Standards Accreditation. We are committed to reducing ad fraud by implementing ads.txt and jicwebs. How will these adoptions contribute towards the elimination of fraud in the ad world and help to increase trust, transparency and accountability in our industry?

How has the role of native advertising evolved over the last few years?

The native advertising market is estimated to be worth $59 billion in 2018 and $85.5 billion by 2020. It’s the medium all advertisers will need to adopt – and understand – over the coming years for success. Native advertising impacts all of our lives: anyone with a Smartphone almost certainly interacts with native advertising on a daily basis.

What’s been the most creative native advertising campaign you’ve seen this year?

We have seen many interesting creative campaigns this year. One that stands out is The Dogs Trust. The campaign targeted a specific demographic within the Evesham Dogs Trust centre catchment area and helped to rehome 728 dogs and the home actually ran out of dogs to rehome! This really shows the impact that native advertising can have.

The show isn’t far away  – what are you most looking forward to?

Speaking on a round stage in front of approximately 200 people!  

PI LIVE takes place on October 15-16 at London’s Old Billingsgate. Find out more about the event and don’t forget to join in the conversation using the #PILIVE18 hashtag.