It’s less than two weeks to go until we kick things off at Old Billingsgate for PI LIVE 2018. We’re so excited to see everyone there and to listen to our amazing speakers.

One of these amazing speakers is entrepreneur, author and corporate speaker Shed Simove. Simove is giving the second keynote on Day 1 of PI LIVE. You can catch him from 15:40-16:20 on the Main Stage, and it’s definitely a talk to put in your agenda.

Simove will be talking all about How to Unlock Your Creativity: 3 Ways to Have Amazing Ideas. During his keynote, he’ll share his expertise in ideas and teach you the three tricks he uses to get his own creativity flowing.

The mantra, which underpins this talk is one of Simove’s core beliefs. He maintains that “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures  if you follow the idea through…”.

This mantra has definitely served him well. Not only has he been called a “Marketing God” in the media, he’s received a Guinness World Record for the blank book that turned into an Amazon bestseller, sold millions of his hilarious novelty products and delivered his highly memorable, entertaining, instructive and inspiring talks to thousands of people internationally.

Some of Shed’s best-known activities include publishing “50 Shades of Gray”, a blank book with grey pages that get progressively darker in colour towards the end; legally changing his name to “God” and being dropped by his bank – HSBC, if you were wondering  as a result; and registering the trademark “The Trademark Office Has No Sense Of Humour™” with the trademark office when they refused to grant a trademark for his novelty sweets.

From these “scandals” alone, it’s clear to see Shed’s sense of fun and talent for big ideas.

His talk will be peppered with his trademark humour and the insightful advice he’s garnered over years of “failing upwards”. “Failing upwards” is one of Shed’s core beliefs. He will discuss the importance of going for it with your ideas and then using the experience as a learning curve to improve, using your failures to project yourself and your career and/or business onwards and upwards.

Throughout his keynote, he’ll deliver tried-and-tested techniques that give any audience practical methods for creative thinking. Most of all, he will help you learn to think differently in order to obtain huge success.

Eager to catch Shed Simove’s keynote? Put it in your agenda using the official PI LIVE app by Pathable.