Tell us a bit more about your session at PI LIVE 2018?

The world has changed drastically over the past 24 months, and publishers and advertisers alike are either sinking or swimming. The question is, what variables are those that are swimming making to keep them afloat and take a significant lead on others in their space? My session will look at the innovations and advancements in global publisher trends that are setting new standards and creating more efficient, personalized experiences for buyers that produce powerful results. 

What talking points or key takeaways do you think will drive the most debate?

The conversation about the continued value of affiliate and performance-based partnerships, including where Influencers, AI and hybrid model “affiliate marketing” fits into the mix. The question of how publishers are showcasing their value, how it’s being tracked, credited and measured by brands properly and who defines that, will be a piece to ponder from my session.

How has the role of performance marketing evolved in the last few years?

It’s been awesome to see transparency and granular data insights come into the affiliate “channel” over the past few years, and how more players are coming into the mix now that they can compete with strategic data and technology integrations. It’s been interesting to see how advertisers can get the answers they have been looking for in order to know where to invest, how to invest, and with whom to invest with. The proof is now coming to light about the value and contribution of the affiliate space, and it’s getting far more exciting out there with the transparency and opportunities that are stemming from data insights and advancements in technology that were not there even just a few short years ago.

What’s been the most creative use of influencer, personalisation or AI you’ve seen this year?

I’ve actually seen a lot in all three areas of this mix. We have been doing a lot of testing in all three areas, and have partnered with some of the most advanced AI in the space, which works within a performance-based model to drive incrementality (which gets thrown around a lot and is defined differently by different people, so can be quite subjective). I think the most interesting use of all three-in-one (influencer + personalization + AI) that I’ve seen this year has been with Honey’s shift in strategic approach, which you will have to wait until my session to learn more about ;).

The show isn’t far away – what are you most looking forward to, whether it’s sessions, meeting people or just being in London?

All of the above. I am very much looking forward to meeting new people on the other side of the world, who bring new perspectives and experiences to the table, as well as the topics that are covered (again, with different perspectives I haven’t heard yet). I always enjoy this show and learn much that I can take back to the team upon my return. 

PI LIVE takes place on October 15-16 at London’s Old Billingsgate. Find out more about the event.