Tell us a bit more about your session at PI LIVE 2018?

I’m doing a duo with Kevin Edwards, who as well as being an industry stalwart is also a very good friend of mine, so it should be an entertaining session.  We are setting out a manifesto for the future of affiliate marketing and will be discussing key trends and areas in which we think the affiliate channel should and needs to head in the coming years. 

What talking points or key takeaways do you think will drive the most debate?

I think there may be some home truths about what we need to do as an industry together to continue its success. The digital landscape is a very different place than it was 20 years ago when affiliate marketing began, and it must continue to grow and adapt in order to compete for a marketing budget. 

How has the role of performance marketing evolved in the last few years?

The affiliate model remains largely the same and is a model that has generated much success.   This, however, brings both opportunities and challenges, the opportunity is that the model is scalable and we have seen it widen its reach into new publishers such as large media websites and new technology. The challenge is that the model traditionally rewards on last-click, so the value of the affiliate channel isn’t really truly understood or rewarded beyond that. 

The show isn’t far away – what are you most looking forward to, whether it’s sessions, meeting people or just being in London?

I live in London, so it’s handy for me, I might even get on bike and cycle there.  I’m looking forward to catching up with old colleagues and industry friends, I’ve had a whirlwind year at AP and am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing as well as meeting new people, making new contacts and hopefully being inspired by the talks and positivity that undoubtedly will be buzzing around on the day. 

PI LIVE takes place on October 15-16 at London’s Old Billingsgate. Find out more about the event.