LeadByte provides B2C Lead Management Software for professional marketers that are active in the lead generation industry. Our software helps companies (small and large) capture, validate and distribute leads more efficiently with the confidence to scale.

Our platform is trusted by household names like O2, Utilita and Capita to well-known industry players such as Kobi Digital, Lead365, LeoVegas, REaD Group, Lead Leaders, Clicksco and more. We support startups and individuals too.

Following a strong financial year, we caught up with managing director Anthony Burgin on the company’s beginnings, industry trends and plans for the rest of 2018.

Where did the idea for LeadByte come from?

Anthony Burgin: Out of frustration! We were the first B2C Lead Management Platform in Europe to offer what we all commonly acknowledge today as SaaS. Back then, the only solutions available on the market included hefty setup fees, 12-month contracts and account managers to boot (ones that would have to do everything for you). So we built LeadByte. Six years later and we have over 200 clients and a reputation that others can’t compete with.

What problems do you solve for your customers?

AB: Most commonly; efficiency, compliance and scale of running B2C lead generation activity.  The software is key to any successful lead generation activity. We remove a lot of pain points that many marketing professionals face when looking to start up or take their activity to the next level. When we onboard new clients we often address the same challenges. A few of which include data security, real-time reporting, data validation, launching in new markets and automation of lead delivery (API or via FTP schedules).

Furthermore, we have been in the market for a long time which means we can really help clients fast-track their goals through our years of experience and contacts.

Has much changed with the LeadByte platform since GDPR came into play?

AB: For sure! We have made a significant amount of changes to the platform. In essence, we’ve provided extra tools and features within the platform that aids clients in becoming more compliant based on their individual GDPR process. We worked closely with our legal representatives and clients to get the balance right and actually it’s paid off.

GDPR has been fantastic for our business. We received a record number of new account registrations either side of the GDPR deadline, which I believe to be a reflection of how many companies have taken compliance seriously.

What’s your take on using LeadByte (licensing) Vs Developing in-house?

AB: It’s a good question and one that comes time and time again especially with CTO’s or DPO’s of potential clients. There are Pros and Cons for both, however, the arguments for and against will vary dependent on the companies strategy and core value proposition.  

I encourage readers to check out our Pros & Cons: Buying vs Developing a Lead Management Software

What are your thoughts on AI?

AB: Most of the AI publications I’ve read specifically to the lead generation industry seem to be thinly veiled advertorials pandering to buzz around machine learning. All buzzwords, stretching one-page articles into eight pages, using graphics and quotes in big writing for impact. It feels like a gold rush for companies to have an AI strategy based on fashion rather than a real changes in technology thus making it more useful for customers.

We provide machine learning to clients and have done for many years, using algorithms to analyse vast amounts of lead data to help marketers make more informed decisions about how they buy or communicate to new leads using our platform.  

We recently helped a lead generator in the mobile space sell an additional 13% more leads as the result of machine learning. Anyone reading this article can call the office to find out how.

What has been key to your success in this industry? 

AB: Hard work, great team, rock solid tech, listening to our clients ever changing needs and awesome support.  Thinking that Software as a Service escapes you from day-to-day customer service handling is a big mistake.  Our support is best-in-market (we are told regularly). We have invested heavily in educating our team with platform and market knowledge. Knowing our clients is key to our success too!

Lastly, what else is in the pipeline for LeadByte for the rest of this year?

AB: A great Xmas party for all staff; we’ve just had our financial year end recently and we have smashed all targets. 2019 plans are to continue to scale our global client footprint, innovate the platform through client feedback (80% of our development is driven by clients), launch 2 new software products and get an office dog.