Branch, which provides a cross-platform linking and attribution platform with solutions for apps including Airbnb, Pinterest and Audible, has acquired TUNE’s attribution analytics platform and team  combining Branch’s cross-platform deep linking and measurement with TUNE’s mobile attribution knowledge to form what the companies believe will be a leading marketing and measurement platform.  

TUNE, a Seattle-based startup founded in 2009, helps ad platforms turn marketing investments into measurable outcomes. TUNE’s services will be integrated into Branch solutions and customers will be able to access Branch’s mobile marketing and deep linking platform.

Branch first made its mark as a solution for mobile deep linking and supports more than 40,000 apps and 100 billion links across the web and apps. Branch ensures that links take the user to the right place across different devices, platforms and channels, unifying user experience and measurement.

“TUNE has always been a steward of Branch’s core values, especially when it comes to putting user experience and privacy first. Combining TUNE’s years of learning with Branch’s innovation, raw product execution, and key strategic partnerships are the beginning of a new era of mobile marketing. It’s going to be an incredible ride,” said Alex Austin, CEO of Branch.

“This is an exciting outcome for the team at TUNE. I am proud of the attribution platform and team we built to serve mobile marketers, and I believe that Branch is the absolute best partner to bring our industry to the next level,” commented Peter Hamilton, CEO of TUNE.

“I was amazed to learn just how much the product and engineering teams at Branch have accomplished in the last year, outpacing the competition in our space. Combining Branch’s fresh approach to linking and technology with TUNE’s service level and experience in measurement will have a major impact on the ongoing success of our customers,” he continued.

As global companies, TUNE and Branch have offices and customers around the world. Through the acquisition, Branch will have a strong presence in north American cities and will still.