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Ligatus Collaborates with Forensiq by Impact to Deliver Fraud-Free Inventory

Ligatus Collaborates with Forensiq by Impact to Deliver Fraud-Free Inventory


Ad fraud remains one of the biggest issues in programmatic but it’s not all bad news. Ligatus has announced collaboration with Forensiq by Impact to deliver fraud-free inventory.

The issues surrounding ad fraud have been in the spotlight for some time and given that ad fraud is at its highest point ever, it’s no surprise that confidence between buyer and seller is diminishing, and the continued pressure in all EMEA markets to deliver low-percentage fraudulent traffic is high on the agenda.

With this in mind, Ligatus, a leading native advertising solutions provider for publishers and brands, announced its latest integration with Forensiq by Impact in a mission to eliminate ad fraud. There has already been positive outcomes – since the company’s collaboration with Forensiq in February, suspicious traffic is down by 1.17%, which is below the 3% average that many agencies deem the acceptable level of fraud tolerance.

The new partnership with Forensiq by Impact aims to stamp out costs and ineffective marketing by measuring viewability and offering Ligatus’ advertisers an additional guarantee that their ad inventory is fraud free and brand safe.

Using Forensiq’s multiple solutions to track threats in real-time and across media types, Ligatus is able to better combat fraudulent traffic across devices. With this help, advertisers and publishers on the Ligatus network will continue to have a reliable platform to drive higher quality traffic, keep inventory in a brand-safe environment, and access the most transparent reporting.

“Non-human traffic is a serious concern for the industry. Ultimately, if an ad isn’t reaching a real person, then there is zero value to that marketing spend. Forensiq works with partners such as Ligatus to dramatically reduce fraud across their platform, and we are delighted by the results that already have been produced,” said Florian Gramshammer, the managing director EMEA at Impact.

"By leveraging Forensiq as a leading fraud prevention tool, we are doing our part in the fight against ad fraud and in turn, building up our clients’ credibility,” commented Victor ​Charpin, vice president of publisher development at Ligatus.

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Joele Forrester

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