Specialist digital marketing agency Connected Path is set to host The Unconference, a unique evening event for the digital industry where there is no agenda, and no rules.

Loosely based on the traditional principles of an unconference, the event is a free-to-attend evening on September 20 where the audience decides the agenda.

Anybody can put themselves forward to speak at The Unconference, either beforehand or, for the real risk-takers, on the night. Talks will be 10 minutes long, and the speakers are free to be as unconventional and controversial as they want. The only stipulation is that all talks reflect the event’s theme:

“The marriage of Service and Technology: destined for love or divorce?”

The audience will get to vote for the talks they want to hear. The idea is to allow the content on the night to take a natural flow. 

Head-to-head debate

The theme is part-inspired by some of the debate stirred up by PerformanceIN and on the Affiliate Cockpit this year. The coalescence of technology and service in the digital industry is something a lot of companies are clearly wrestling with. The theme is deliberately broad, allowing potential speakers to cover a range of potential topics, from the benefits of separating service and technology in digital marketing platforms to the future of B2B service in the modern ‘gigging’ economy.

The event itself promises to be exciting, and potentially off the wall, blend of relaxed speaking, debate and lots of socialising!

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of an agenda-less event, where the content is fluid and can be driven in part by what is discussed on the night,” said Connected Path co-founder Anjulie Blunden.

“We work in an industry of innovation and of constant change. We’ve created The Unconference as a way of representing the industry’s passion for debate and free-thought. And obviously, it wouldn’t be a digital industry event without networking and socialising! The Unconference will be informal, fun, fast-paced, and take the audience on an unknown path of information exchange, peer-to-peer learning and idea sharing”.

The Unconference is a free event open to all, but spaces are limited. To register for a ticket visit the Eventbrite Page.